In Africa, legend has it that humans and cheetahs were friends.
According to this legend, cheetahs originally only had golden yellow color and one day,
people put black insect juice on their body and became black. Seeing this,
cheetahs asked humans to put black insect juice on them too.
The humans only had a little bit of the juice left so they had to put juice on the cheetahs in stripes.
Cheetahs are fierce animals but they are also considered one of the most “friendly” species of big cats.
Cheetahs have many different images and we want to apply this to our cookware brand “Cheetha Show”.
We will offer you a variety of products that are as passionate as chefs
who captivate customers in open kitchens with their amazing performances,
as friendly as your closest friends and as lovingly as your family.


Cheetha Show which is a combination of the words “Cheetha (Cheetah+Tha)” and “Show”,
represents our desire to show you better quality and friendlier design.
Food which is one of the three basic necessities of life, is made in the kitchen and,
pans and pots are our tools and pals that are most familiar to us in the kitchen.
Cheetha Show will be your close friends in the kitchen and will try to make you satisfied every time you cook.
Now, enjoy your happy show time with Cheetha Show.