Cheetah Show product characteristics: special coating properties, safety, distinctiveness


1. Special coating properties and high-purity aluminum material (97%): provides excellent product resilience and heat conduction, allowing for easy and quick cooking.


2. Upgraded non-stick pan distinguished from existing ceramic-coating pans (30% improvement in non-stick functionality compared to existing ceramic-coating pans).


3. Inoble coating: Maintaining the longevity of your pan is likely to be significantly longer thanks to the highly crack-resistant Inoble coating.


4. Convenient, hanging design for anywhere: The hanger-type handle allows for the pan to be hung and displayed beautifully, and can be stored hygienically and easily anywhere either in the kitchen or outdoors.


5. From cooking to plating: It can be used instead of a plate to conveniently serve food directly on the table at home and at the campsite.

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