Adding colorful variety to the ‘COLORE’ kitchen.

COLORE is ‘color’ in Italian.
Express your own kitchen style in a variety of colors with Cheetah Show.

The first color contains the freshness of nature. Verde (Green) represents the natural colors of leaves, fruits, and vegetables. The calm and serene mood of the color green brings comfort to people.

Try combining our frying pans and woks in various sizes offered in two shades of green: Light Green and Deep Green.

While the Cheetah Show COLORE pans are appealing and approachable, they not weak by any means. Our products are made with 99% high-purity aluminum, which allows them to be both lightweight and strong, with excellent thermal conductivity and heat preservation.

Our pans also feature a special non stick ceramic coating that allows for strong durability and free expression of color. A four-layer coating by mixing ceramic coating and fluororesin coating in the manufacture process guarantees non-stick performance.

Ceraflon coating” ensures both vivid color payoff and ultra-durable coating.

A handle that fits snugly in your hand. To maintain a secure grip without slipping easily, the handle has been ergonomically designed and coated with rubber to maintain a streamlined shape. Even the location of the handle was designed to help keep it away from heat sources and reduce the risk of getting scorched as much as possible.

A safe coating that does not emit harmful substances. Our coating has passed all safety tests set by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to ensure it is free of PFOA, potassium permanganate, lead, and from the dangers associated with Teflon coating.

The non stick ceramic coating frying pan comes in 4 sizes of 20cm, 24cm, 26cm, and 28cm.
The non stick ceramic coating work pans come in of 2 sizes, 22cm and 26cm.

Additionally, it can be used on a variety of heat sources, including induction, highlight, and gas range stove tops.

Freely express your kitchen with senses and ‘colore’, non stick ceramic coating frying pan resembling nature, without compromising on function nor design.

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