‘Chef pan’ is the titanuim crystal coating frying pan chosen by chefs.


With Cheetah Show, you too can become a star chef.
The frying pan used exclusively by chefs in many franchise hotels and restaurants throughout Korea has been renewed for home use.


There are many reasons why it is loved by chefs.


( 99% high-purity aluminum) it is made with 99% high-purity aluminum and has excellent thermal conductivity and heat preservation.
It retains heat quickly and distributes it evenly, allowing food to cook more quickly and deliciously.


(high-strength stainless steel handle) , it features a high-strength stainless steel handle, and unlike solid wood or Bakelite materials, there is no risk of damage to it even when exposed to high heat. The longevity of a product starts with the small details.


(PFOA FREE) it has passed all the safety tests of Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, including for PFOA FREE, lead, cadmium, and antimony. It is safe from the dangers associated with Teflon coating.


(Titanium crystal coating) the triple titanium crystal coating maximizes the non-stick performance of preventing food from sticking.


Also, the thickness of the frying pan and wok pan keeps the food from burning until the cooking is finished. Cooking at high temperatures comes with its challenges, so good cooking skills are required to prevent burning your food. The Cheetah Show Chef Pan helps make cooking easier and more enjoyable.


Our titanuim crystal coating frying pan and wok pan comes in a total of 4 types.


The titanuim crystal coating frying pan is available in three sizes: 20cm, 26cm, and 28cm and can be used for various purposes. The titanuim crystal coating wok pan was made in a size of 28cm. It’s perfect for making 3-4 servings and easily accommodates making anything from fried dishes to soups and stir-fry dishes.


Additionally, it can be used on a variety of heat sources, including induction, highlight, and gas-range stovetops.


The highest quality and functionality has been focused into this product, down to the selection of materials, coatings, and even handles. Enjoy its stylish design, excellent non-stick performance, and proven non-toxicity.


Cheetah Show will make your cooking fun!


The reason cooking is fun, ” Cheetah Show Chef Fan” Titanuim crystal coating frying pan

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